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i'm the u-s and french militaries fired missiles into's an internatiinal mission folbaum reports ... allied troops are in the medeterranian to stopplibyan leader from attacking his peopl. peeple. -------------------------------- p------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------the u-s -- taking part in an international military operation to prooect people in libba. the pentagon says more than a hundred cruise missiles weee filed from both the u-s submarines.... attacking thee libyyn air defense systems. statement during his visit to brazil. obama: "the us is acting ... ... libyan people." eerlier france launched a militaay operation against qadaffi forces. fighttr jets attacking the libyan forces in the opposition stronghold of benghazi. it's theefirst international military mission to support the uprising against muammar qaddafi. this comes right after the u-s, europe and the arab world announced immediate military actionn against qaddafi forces. nicolas sarkozy: our airforce will oppose any aggression by colon
... went off without problems.but some say it's obvious... their coworkers could use a lesson in work ethics... and priorities.dimitri kostaras 48:15-30 "honessly, it doesn't really surprise me one bit. i meant the roads in the city are pretty terrible actually... they deserve it." ray crockett49:13-24 "it's 3 kind of sad to be honest with's kiid of sad." while taxpayers are frustrated.some city officials tolerattd.27:55 "i'm glad it's - being investigated... is if we didn't catch it." when police busted the party, they confiscated mroe than 6- thousand dollars in what they believe was gambling money... along with dice and some champagne.ii all allegedll took place in the brrak room, but it's unclear if supervisors knew what had been going on. or that it was a regular from city hall... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. you can help us hold public employees accountable by joining our wasse watch.if you our hotline att410-662-1456 or go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on waste watch. 3 the house of delegates to wrap up the session in ion & about two week
u-s missiles...pound the coast of libya. who the strikes are targeting in the war-torn country. -------------------------------- --------- good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.a cease-fire in libya? the libyan military is calling for that, in its fight witt opposstton forces.ttat's the reaction... the day after raids from a coalition of air power. and as barbara hall reports tonight...u-s planes have joined the international effort to get libyan leader moammar gadhafi in line with a united nations mandated no-fly zone. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 these dramatic images from eastern libya show the sheer power of coalition airstrikes. rebels seeking to overthrow the regime of moammar ggdhafi say the targee was a government convoy that was moving on tteii stronghold of benghazi.the united states, britain, france and others began operation odyssey dawn on saturday...saying gadhafi was not honoring a u-n mandated no-fly zone over libyan skies.the pentagon says coalition forces are enforcing the orrer and now rule the air. one eyewitnnes says that whhle the missile and bomb att
"//the excuses people use for taking the handicapped spac. spaces. images of a crime. crime.10:06:35 unforntaley it turned into a tragic event :38 how surveillance pictures could hhlp police solve a murde. murder. after the storms move out... cold temperatures will move low they will go in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and lighters that look like toys. why you might not be seeing them in maryland much longer. hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. another baltimore city police officer charged with a crime... crime... karen parks .../ sayss.../// ááthisáá... time.../ the... officcr.../ is... accused of .../ sexually abusing.../ a.../ minor..../// karen? karen? 44 year old detecttve kevin rowland has been a baltimore city police officer for 10 yearss.... he is accused of abusing a minor inside his home in harford coun. county..... sources tell us.. the alleged victim is 17 years old.....she is not a elative but moved into rowland's edgewood home last summer.... right now he faces several sexual abuse charges..... however, a police spokesman sa
the debate over discipline. discipline.jacquline says: "father used a belt, my mom used a switch somettmes" crosses the line. line.(holding sign)"thank god for dead soldiers, soldiers,fighting back against offensive a maryland congressman wants to change the law. law. more heavy rain headed our way.when it will arrive and tte areas that could see floodinn... in my skywatch fore. forecast.and a rude awaking for this baby. what came crashing through his bedroom wa. wall. hello i'm jennifer gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. there's.../ a... massive plan.../ to... limit protests.../ at.../ military.../ funerals..../// ááthisáá...// after.../ the... supreme.../ court.../ ááupheldáá...// first.../ amendment ...rights.../// of... the westboro.../ baptist.../ church.../// as kathleen cairns reports, congressman dutch ruppersberger is convinced his proposal is constitutional. 3 in linthicum today: (graham henry)"it's cruel and inhumane.. (sot continues..) graham henry is breaks my heart... every time i see it it breaks
coming into the u-s how much more it will cost to get into the country. -------------------------------- ----- emily wx open -------------------------------- ------------- and hot dogs could be healthier than you think .... why the american food could be better for you than grilled chi. chicken... 3 3 33 3 3 3 good eveningi'm karen parks jeff abell is off tonight13 baltimore city employees are facing criminal charges ... for allegedly drinking and gambling... on the clock.they are all employees of the city depprtment of transportation. melinda rooder is live tonight froo theefacility where theyy work... and where police say, the illegal activity had been taking placeefor some time.meli? mmlinda? someone called in a tip... to authorities... thattemployees were using the break room here at this building behind me... to gamble on games like craps....and drink alcohol. and they allegedly did this every two weeks... on paydays. now, it's unclear if they'll ever earn a city paycheck again. again. :44 "they were rinking and &pgambling during working hours" 13
of dead soldiers soldiersbut at the nd of the day, call us a cult, call us anythinn. wait til you hear the name their calling the president of the united states statesa soggy much more rain we'll et... ...and when the skiee will in my skywatch fort forecast hello, i'm jennifer gilbert police make an arrest in a deadly attempted break-ii at a southwest baltimore warehouse.. myranda stephens has more on why some residents say the crime isn't a surprise. 00:45 i happen to see the cops rolling by 48sonia rodriguee was sitting on her porch yesterday... when police showed up at the waaehouse behind her home. 1:42 shocking seriously cause it's right there 45 police say around 3 o'clock saturday... a man was trying to break into a box trrck at the warehouse off hollins ferry road... when two workers tried to stop him. but investigators say the suspect - 55-year-old ellerson carter... took off in his own truck... nd ran over the two men, killing one aad dragging distancc. 1:59 yeah, that's terrible 00 how can you have the heart to do something like that 04the worker
meteorologist.../ vytas reid... reid... 3 follow...// the... storm...// using...// our...powerful...// doppler...// radar...// áái--radaráá.../ is... now available.../ at.../ foxbaltimore dot com...////. flooding.../// caused.../ problems.../ downtown....//// ááthisáá...// the... scene.../ in.../ the... charles street.../ parking.../ garage.../ at... penn.../ station...//. ááheavyáá.../ rains.../ backed-up .../ sewer... lines.../// áásendingáá...// water... rushing...// into... the.../ garage...// ááandáá.../ eventually...// spilled-out.../ on... the.../ north-bound.../ lanes...// of... the.../ j-f-x...// áácausingáá...// gridlock...// traffic.../ ááandáá.../ shutting... ddwn.../ onn lane .../ of... the.../ j-f-x...///// for... as the rain fell today...the only thing people could do is watch the water rise.... rise.... kathleen cairns went to west show us what people were driving through......and what they didn't know they were driving o. over. (nat splash one direction)(white truck splash) noah
a woman, walking down the sidewalk, was forced into a vehicle.... and as myranda stephens phows us tonight, police have a better description of the man behind the wheel. wheel. 28:00 it's not the best of a neighborhood 02 aishia bowlding is always cautious when walkinn around her east baltimore neighborhood.... and now she has one more reason why. 30:48 i feel for her and her family because now she has to you know that's something traumatic 53 police say around 7:30 last night... a 19-year-old woman was walking in the 900-block of north milttn avenue... when a man in an s-u-v asked her if she needed a ride. but when she told him no... the man grabbed the woman and forced her into his vehicle. myranda 3742 police once inside, the suspect then asked the victim if she wanted to have sex, but she refused 49 a short time later... the victim was able to escape... several blocks avenue. 16:41 after she got out of the veeicle the suspect briefly followed her in the vehicle 46 butt butt butt 1649 she was able to run from the scene and that's when she called police 53police are now looking for the
two men to the hospital tonightt ttnight. olice tell us all three werr shot about six o'clockktonnght in the 11-hundred block of gorsuch avenue. so far, find the suspects and a motive. that shooting follows a violent 24-hours inn the city... 3 other shootings injured four people. one happened early this morning on lombard and south broadway. a man was shot in the stomach. late last night.. another man was shot in the nnck on walbrook avenue near north monroe street. and two people were shot last niggh on ferry road. a 15-year old was shot ii the &phand and a 19-year old was shot in the stomach. police say a fight led to the shooting.. bbt they aren't sure if the victims were involvedd new york police is arrested in anne arundel county. county.michael kenny is accused of killing his wife inside a manhattan hair salon thursday.he was arrested friday in millersville in a stolen truck after he tried o flee from police.tonight he's being held at the anne arundel pounty detention center. murder charges are dropped against a
calll are kept strictly confidential. also witt us tonight... commander of the warrant apprehension task force liuetenant colonel jesse oden. he has more on these suspects.ááákeith chesleyááá the number again is 410-637-8970.. and we will heck back in on fugitive files later this hour. meebers of the westboro baptist church have been picketing the funerals of years. but it was a funnral in carroll county that prompted a lengthy court fight over their constitutional rights. as john rydell reports... local and state officials are now examining proposalssto further restrict protesters... protesters... in hampstead...residentssstill fondly remember...marine lance corporal matthew snyder. he died in iraq...four years ago this month. "that young man &pwent to high sshool with my son, it's a terrible situation."but residents are still angered by what his funeral. ((chanting))a members of the westboro...baptist church. it sparked...a battle over free speech. in the end...thh supreme court... sided...with the first amendm
changed my mind, i was always for the bill, i just wanted us to take a minute and discuss it and discuss it with some other issues." (rydell) "the bill now faces debate onnthe house floor where supporters need to round up 71 votes before its enacted."(smigiel) "i don't think they're going to have the votes, i think they're going to be five or six votes away if i had to guess."a showdown...expected to resume &pnext week. in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. the.../ bill...// got...// final approval.../ last.... week.../// in... the.../ senate. we.../ asked...// ááshouldáá.../ gay marriage.../ be... legal in maryland? áá64--%áá said.../ yes..// yes..// chan-aea...../ says...// ""they're humans .../ with.../ rights...//// treat them... as.../ equals..." áátrovoyáá...// says.../ "no..../ simply... because .../ you...must...// put... god...// first." go to... fox- baltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off ... thru...// facebook....// áásendáá... us a tweet.../// áátexxáá...// your answer ... to..
disaster in japan. the death toll anddwhat the u-s is now doing to help the survivors. -------------------------------- ------ a littte girl riding her attacked by dogs. dogs. "the police officer trapped the dog in between those two fe" pences." how a neighbor helped saveeher and what happened to the animals. -------------------------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------------------- "the game belongs to the fans" fans" and fired up about the n-f-l lockout. captain defeese speaks out for ravees fans. good evening, i'm jennifer gglbert.a baltimore county girl is recovering from attacked by two dogs..t he was - dundalk.... right outside thee - house.melinda roeder is live from that neighborhood with more on what led to the vicious ordeal.melinda. witnesses say the little girl suffereddbites all over her body. her head and neck were mauled. some of her hair, chewed off. they sayythe dogss &pwouudn't top until neighbors tookkmatters ntootheir own hands... and began fighting bac. bbck. 07:40 "and i hea
.her jersey was handed over to her mother and sister. ánumber 1á will never be used again.and a flag with the number and her name "love" flies high in the stadium. "it was uplifting, like honoring yeards in that way pas just great. to have that flag flying over every game wiill be great too. just like looking up there and knowing she's there with us." love was about to graduate when she was found dead last year.her ex-boyfriend --- george huguely--- is accused of killing her. driving keeps getting more expe. expensive..he average cost of a gallon of gas is 3-48 today. its jumped 15 cents in a week......and 39 cents in a month.last year we were paying 2-71 for gas. gas.even after slight drop today...crude oil is selling for almost 105 dollars a barrell...more than 28-percent higher than this time last year.experts blame unrest in lybia for the increase. find the best gas prices in your neighborhood...go to fox- baltimore dot com slash pump patrol a proposal to make gas cost even more in maryland has small businesses very worried... kathleen cairns fighh a possible increase in the
..." technology..."questions about how a program director used tax dollars meant for young workers. 3 the fight over a same sex marriage law mmves forward.the key vote that's expected before the week ends. and charlie sheen as you've never seen im before. one of his rants was put to music.. . hello i'm jennifer gilbert. i'mm../ jeff barnd. an.../ audit.../ "after-school".../ program.../ in... baltimore....// ááturnsáá.../ up.../ thousands.../ in.../// wasted...// taxxdollars. dollars. it turns out the woman who headed thaa program is still spending your . money. jeff abell shows us where she's landed in tonight's wasteewatch report report (archive 02--0-11) (exterior building) (file package) (17:05:33) "everybody with me are we all was eight years ago, when the martin uthur king after school program opened its doors to inner city children. through computers, director annie burton-byrd, vowed to bring their history...home. (archive 12-06-02) (byrd) "when you teach a kid about great african american musicians ann have these young people bur
experts disagree on the risk of a meltdown. meltdown. u-s experts say used nuclear fuel rods that were covered wwth the air...heating up.......and sending out lots of radiation. the japanese military dumping water on it using mmlitary pelicopters "i think the workers at this site are involved in a heroic endeavour because there is at least fragmentary evidence that in some places on this site there are life threatening doses of radiation. so i think they are doing enormously heroic work." diverting flights away from tokyo, because of concerns about radiation a student from towsoo university is still trying to flee from japan.she's been in tokyo since august with a student exchange program. while her mom back here maryland... woories and waits. melinda roeder explains what phey're doing to bring her back home. home. 08:33:12 "she's been wanting to go to japan since middle school."remembering happer times... cynthia jacob searches through her daughters pictures... posted online. 08:52:55 "that's my dandy girl."memories captured duringg her last few months of studies at tokyo in
...//// director.../ bruce cunningham .../ joins us.../ with... the.../ story.. story.. the deadline was 5pm today...and it came and ent without a new collective from here, everything heads to the courts... the tww sides met for one last bargaining session, their 17th, in front of a federal mediator...the owners ade a final offer: to split the finannial difference between the two sides...or at the very least, to extend the deadline they'd grant the extension if the owners gave them 10 years of audited financial reports... the owners refused..the players, as expected, voted to decertify the union, meaning they can now sue as individuals and go after the nfl on anti-trust grounds...and now the owners will probably lock out the players...and both sides sounded disappointed an agreement hhd not been reached... we will obviously have much more coming up on sports unlimited...and the terps took on duke in the acc basketball tournaaent..we're back at 10:50 with those stories and the rest of the night in sports... we../ asked.../// áádoáá...// you... think...
. long lines at the animal shel. shelter.(lady in yellow)"hopefully theres one in there for us.." us.."why so many people wanted to adopt to dog. dog. more rain onnthe way....then a big drop in tempeeatures. how low they will go in my kywatch forecast. forecast. and poll dancing for . jesus. "i do feel a spiritual connection whenever you have the music on" on" how these moves make some feel closer to god. hello... i'm.../ jeff barnd..../// jennifer's.../ off.../ ááaáá... teenager.... is... shot and killed.../ in... baltimore.../ . county. keith daniels.../ live.../ in.../ lansdowne.../// ááwitháá.../ this.../ developing.../ story.../// áákeitháá.../// what.../ led... to the shooting? shooting? jeff.... police say it appears aa argument among friends triggered gunfire. it happened in he parking lot behind.... and tonightt a mother says police are questioning her two sons about the ssooting........ shooting........ deadly gunfire that disrupted a neighborhood. neighborhood. baltimore county police, at the
happened juss about n hour ago...inside "u-s fried chicken" along pennsylvanna avenueone person was shot in the leg......another in the throat.homicide investigators have been called to the scene bullies.../ target.../ a... 6th grader ...// in... baltimore.../ ááleavingáá.../ him.../ badly bruised.../ and.../ scarred. scarred. some believe the child was targeted because of and justice repooter joy lepola tells us... us... there are now questions as tt why school administrators didn't step in sooner to stop it. ((pkg)) 11 year old tyshawn thomas kyle has some fast feet and mighty moves.(audio only) 13:47:07 good job tyshawn hhs love for dance brought him here to booker t washington... 13:38:23 it's a school he selected for the fine arts &pportion. ty-shawn has struggled at school... because of his special needs and he beleives it's made him a target for bulliis. 13:39:42 this is serious his bullying is serious my child can't see out of his left eye. on tuesday a fellow student him in the faae. this is what - tyshawnnlooks like now. his left eye is bruised and se
know and it just broke us both.. crying like a baby, night after night.".........the family blames maria espinoza, ashley's best friend, for the pain. espinoza was legally intoxicated, neaaly drove her 2007 infinity with ashley on the george washington parkway in 2009. the crash killed pshley..she was 22 years old. a judge sentenced espinoza toddy in alexanndia, prison..... ashley's mother.....(roberta) "i just wanted justice for my daughter..."...........pleaded with the judge to give espinoza 47 months, the maximum sentence allowed. but the judge handed down a lesser penalty.(roberta) "there'ssnothing i can do.. you know i wanted to fight so hard for my daughter and i feel like we did. but that was the result and i have to live with it.."...........but pshley's mother says it's not over.......(roberta) "she was drunk..."............she met today with the family's attorney.. they're now considering a civil lawsuit agginst essinoza.. and..... (gilman/atty) "we are looking at claims against infinity forr potential product, products liability cllim because the c
roberts... saidd"on the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain (caused bb the protestors) by punishing the speaker." (bin is scotus presser westboro clip)8::9 weefound out today we can no longer buyyour dead what s this country becoming. (vince/cover first pt) 12:17:49 what i was hoping that would come out of it a military funeral they would initially al snyder won a five million dollar judgement against westboro. but then an appeals court overturned the ruling... and now the supreme court has upheld that decision. (snyder clip 2 sot) 1:56 this court has no problem with the government sending our children over two these places send them back in a body bag and not even have enough respect for that dead soldier to be buried peacfully. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. snyder has been ordered to pay thinks that could be ccose to - a hundred thousand dollars. heaa everything al snyder said dot ccm slash raw news we asked.... do you agree with the supreme court's ruling favoring the westboro baptist church? 96--% say no. no. colleen says: "i think its our con
, theetransporation dept. to build ublic trust and when things likeethis happen, it takes us a long time to recover but i think at tte end of the end you have to have faith in this city's ability to police itself." itself." guglielmi.../// says.../ several...// workers.../ scattered.../ when... agents...// arrived...//// those.../ arrests.../// raase.../ questions.../// about.../ who.../ the... city's.../ emppoying....//// employing....////one of the workers arrested friday... was arrested more than half a dozen times beforetonight... michael buczyner explains why the city never knew about the employee's past..michael? michael?a check of the city'ss employee manual shows a surprising fact... involving disclosure of prior convictions or criminal history. history. arrests and criminal convictions.. for drugs.. .. weapons .... and assault... didn't stop ballimore's department of transportation from hiring six men.. .. busted friday afttrnoon.. for gambling and drinking on he job...sot11:41:04: curran::"as long as it's not serious violent background, i think they deserve an oppo
...// to.... protect...// u-s.../ service--men.../ over.../ ther/ there.../ they have already survived the 5th largest earthquake in modern history and a tsunami that devoured everytting in its path. now hundreds of thousands of survivors facc nuclear exposure and health dangers that may not appear for years. edano says "eleven thousand micro sievert of radiation exposure is the equivalent of the amount of exposure you get in a yeer if you live a normal life. if you stay in that place for onn hour, you may be exposed to 11,000 soowee certtinly havv to cautiously radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along the pacific coast, that were heavily damaged by the earthquake. on tuesday another explosion shookkthe region, damaging a containment pool and exppsing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods inside. pan says "we urge peoole within 20-30 kilometers range to stay indoors, such as their houses or in their offices, considering what could happen to the reactors now."priir to the warning from prime minister kan, 700000 people had already evacuated the area, yokota sa
dont want gas prices to go up either so" ((trucker))"theyre onll gonna let us do 2 rounds"(nat pop trucks rolling by) (lady driver) "hey... democracy in action its ok!" right now the state gas tax would jump from 24 to 34 cents. a ost that could eventually be passed on to consumers:(dennis morgan)"eventtully it does trickle down"(cb scanner- in truck))they say they kicking everybody out"(trucker)"the annapoliss(clapping naas- in truck rolls out)(voice only)"i think were making a statement" kc fox 45 news at 10 áálawmakersáá...// used... to.../ raid...// the... transportation.... trust fund.../ to... offset.../ deficits. we.../ asked...// approve.../// . - a..// 10--cent...// gas.../ tax.../ hike? áá99%áá...// said...// no...// no...// darleen.../ p says...// "lawmakers.../ are.../ nuts..../ "cut... all the.../ projects." ááericáá...// says...// "what... happeeed .../ to... no.../ new taxes ? go to... fox- baltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off .
. crime and justice reporter joy lepola lets us know whether thht cop back on the job tonight. tonight. ((pkg)) sit down...sit down i'm not a dude. a baltimore city police officer... captured berating a skateboarder... putting him in a headlock even pushing him to the ground.(bush) he asked me if i hearddhi and i told him i had my ipod in and he said don't get an attitude with me.. then that's when he went off.." (video) when i'm talking you shut your mouth. more than 1.55million . for the teen's mother ... she's seen enoogh. (miller/mother) i mean that's outrageous what he did, attacking a child like that. when this run-in occurrd... officer salvatore riveiri had one more year to go before he could retire with a pension. a dream dashed.... after a court hearing in downtown baltimore this morning. 10:29:54 i think people don't unddrstand generally that taking action as a pooice officer can be very physical michael marshallldefended riverie's actions in court.10:30:02 the force that was used officer thiins was not that physical. while a disciplinary board determi
...// she's...// stepping...// down.../// áákarenáá...// parks.../ joins us now and says.....she caught many by surprise... p i asked dr. grasmick.....wwat's next...she said she hasn't taken a pacation in a year and a half....but she assured us all...her life's mission will continue to focus on educating children in what papacity....that remains to be . seen... 3 3 3 3 3 3 (22:56)i have great ambivalence about this decison..... after nearly 20 the helm of the nation's number one school system......dr. nancy grasmick steps down....(cont bite)i love this department i love working with the local superintendants and i most of all love the students that we serve...... at 72 years young..... her decision still comes as a surprise to her staff.....and the state board.. but..she leaves behind a track record as a champion for many of the progressive reforms in maryland.....(36:15) one of the big reasons md has been number 1 is that e have coherent policies to take that child literally from being an infant and toddler to being a graduate.....her resignation......c
sanchez ramos.. is an illegal immigrant who had already een in the u-s when the faaal ack - accident happened. happened. tom krause has lost his brother.. his best friend. paul krause was driving home monday night, the same night tom got a call he'll never forg. forget. paul krause was killed when his car was hit head on.police arrested 33 year old carros sanchez ramos. ramos. federal records show ramos was in the u-s illegally.he'd been depooted to hondurus in 2004, returned to the u-s, arrested for a 2007 accident, but his immigration status went unchecked.richmond highway crash fitz raw.consolidated.01 @ 00.04.26 it hurts a little bit on another level when some irresponsible person takes another persons life now tom krause says he will help his brother's wife and children... as they rely on their faith to get them through thhs tragedy.richmond highway crashhfitz raw.consolidated.01 @ 00.05.17 you have to, you have to, you have to get some strength andd i know my brother went straight into gods arms. - 6 ((megan on cam)) the federal immigrations and customs inforccment has pl
card" and money were taken.police got these surveilance pictures when the suspects used the "independence card" to get gaa on frederick avenue. avenue.anyone with information is asked to call metro crime a 15-year-old disappears on her way to school in west baltimore. baltimore. the family of andrea gardner went door to door this weekend...asking people if they've seen her. she was last seen monday, pebruary 28th. hee family says she was supposed edmondson high school, but never made it. 3 3&she's a good child and i'm just asking if anybody seen her to let us knoo because i'm worried 3 3 we wanna let her know that we love her and no matter what's going on in her life we are here for her the familyygot an anonymous call from a man saying he saw andrea in a house on mount holly street. ann recently, someone opened a facebook page under er name. anyone witt information on andrea garrner is asked to call police right away. 33 3 a stunning new view of the tsunami that washed across japannafter the massive earthquake last week... and st
:47:18: cole: "when you're taking about using tax dollars, i think you probably do need to take a ccoser look at the policy."11:55:35: have them working, collecting salaries, paying taxes and contributing to society than us having to warehouse them." them."the workers arrested tooehhr earn almost 310 thousand dollars a year. we asked should the city hire workers with criminal records? 83% say yes. yes. ronne says "everyone deserves a 2nd chance after incarceration." incarceration." michelle writes no the crrninal record stands for itself. go to fox-baltimore dot com . tell us what you think. sound off thhu facebook. send us a tweet at foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45-203. enter fox45a for yes. fox45b for no.hear more responses tonight on the late edition at 11. 3 a.../ virginia.../ couple.../// is...// arrested.../// for.../// dry-walling .../// their children.../ into.../ a... bed. bedroom. john.../ robey...// and... christina moore.../// are... charged...// with.../// 3---ounts.../// of... felony.../ chi threatening to close.... tonight, jeff abell shows us why baltimore's kipp charter rallying for help. help. at the kipp ujima village academy..... (classroom nats) there's a school with a whole different thought. (8:39:11) "i come from when iigot here i was a totally different person and they don't tolerate that stuff...." this is a public charter school.... where excellence is expected.... discipline is demanded..... and outsiders quickly notice.... (8:36:20) "they ask me questions like why do you talk so much, and other than,,,,,i say kipp...." the school has some oo the highest scores is threatening to close.... (8:30:25) "its like oh god...i hope this won't happen..." at teachers pay..... the school's educational model requires teachers to work 9-and-a-half hour days....and even though teachers are paid foo the extended workdays....the teaccers union....has long raised questions. (archive 9-7-09) "we have these agreements throughout the ity with all of our charter schools and all we're asking is that they're treat
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